Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Food and the Weekend

So, I've made turkey soup from the carcass, it's just finishing up now. I've also made mince tarts for ninjababe since she likes them, even though I don't, but I'm a giver [g], and a mincemeat cake with lemon icing. It's my great grandmother's recipe, and a real fave of mine. A bit later, I'm making gingerbread cookies. Nin got sent to the grocery store to get what we need for for tomorrow night. We're staying in and having a sort of all day buffet with what I've made so far, plus egg and cucumber sandwiches and the little ham pizzas that my mum always made us every New Years. We've also got three bottles of bubbly on hand! For entertainment -- other than the champagne -- we're thinking of doing a Lord of the Rings marathon.

And lastly, my new default icon is so damn pretty! If I do say so myself [g]

Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms

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