May 6th, 2014

Art - Shadow Willow

Another 'I'm Sad' post

Doesn't seem like there's any other type lately.

I can't even remember if I mentioned that another pregnant stray showed up on our doorstep. Anyway, three weeks ago, she had four kittens, all gingers like mum. Mamma had a long labour, and she didn't take the umbilical off of three of them, so me and Nin did that. And so everything's been fine since that first crisis, till lat night. There was an accident. I can't type out details or I'll cry again. We thought it was some bad cuts and maybe a sprained leg, so took him to the vet first thing. Turned out he had broken his back. We had to have put to sleep. He didn't even have a name yet. He was so very tiny.

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