August 31st, 2013

My Fic Icons - Ith's Fic


I'm not sure anyone cares one way or the other, but I seek your opinion. If you read my fic, would you have any objection to me not posting the actual story here, but a link to the chapter on AO3 instead? Back in the day, having it on LJ made sense for the conversations in the comments, but since those days are long gone, I was thinking it would be simpler to not have to post links to chapters and the story, and the parts, and update them both on LJ and DW. I would probably continue to post short things here, but the multi-chapter stories, just on AO3.

ETA: Since I apparently wasn't clear, just clarifying that I'm referring to my own DW/LJ/AO3 - places where I post. It's my own journals that interaction has faded on. I wasn't commenting on anyone else's experience. I accept total responsibility that I'm old and boring and haven't kept up with the times to sustain my readers' interests :)

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