July 27th, 2013

John Adams - Friendship

Good news, bad news

Good first: I got a mystery gift off my Amazon Wish List. There was no packing list inside, just the book, Salt, Sugar, Smoke - which is awesome!! I've already found several preserves recipes I want to try once the fruit that isn't apricots ripens!

We got rain yesterday!! And the temperature today didn't break 90! Yay! We've had a very active monsoon season this year.

Not so good: our car won't start again. Remember it had a mystery ailment in the spring, and we thought it was fixed, even though the mechanic wasn't certain it really wasn't the starter? Well, I did research on the early 2000s Impalas, and apparently, when it comes to the passlock system, they're lemons. Hundreds of complaints identical to ours. And no easy fix. I'm to the point that I'm afraid to use it on anything other than very local trips. For God's sake, we live in the desert, I have to be able to rely on the damn car! We're supposed to go to Colorado at the end of the month, only a 6 odd hour drive, but most of it is through the Navajo reservation, which is long long stretches of nothing but dust devils and the occasional wild mustang.

Loki -- the kitten -- has a hurt paw. The kittens like to stick their feet under the door, and one of the Bengals, Caffrey, not having a real idea that the little foot is attached to a live kitten, thought it was a toy and pierced Loki's foot with his massive foot and claw. Poor little mite :(

Then there's me -- some sort of multi-cat incident this morning had one run over my face, and now I have a gash from the corner of my eye to my cheekbone. Talk about panic/pain/lots of blood. Now, the area's swollen, and god only knows what colour it will be tomorrow. I'm very thankful it isn't my eyeball though :(