July 22nd, 2013

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'Rainbow Connection' (01/01)

Notes: I've written the Hulk. Understand, my only exposure to him is really the Avengers movie, and yet.... When the Hulk starts chattering at you, you pay attention.

Something of a companion piece to Green Tea, though not a sequel. Hulk's thoughts on 'the Puny God' derive from my story White As Snow, Red As Blood, both on AO3, along with this story.

Title from the song, 'Rainbow Connection' -- if you aren't familiar, look it up on YouTube. Really, you have to :D


Fandoms: Highlander/Avengers/Marvel Movieverse
Rating: PG
Warnings/Notes: Complete, gen friendship, humour, Hulk POV. Also on AO3.
Character(s): Hulk, Bruce Banner, Methos, Original Character.
Summary: Hulk likes tickles, and rain in the sunshine. Lightening is good too.

Rainbow Connection

"I can never adequately repay you for all you've done," the tiny old one said to Bruce. She squeezed his arm, and Hulk shivered. It tickled when the tiny old one touched Bruce. Hulk wished she could touch him, wondering what the tickle would feel like then. But that would make Bruce unhappy, so Hulk was content with just the little tickles. But maybe one day, Hulk would get to touch the tiny one, and he would know.

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