March 14th, 2013

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I Doubt

So one of the drawbacks of not posting parts as I finish them is I start to obsess. I keep tinkering. And I start to doubt what I've written. I wrote something off the cuff, from the heart, then I go back and wonder 'is it too emo?' 'will people hate it?' So instead of posting last night as intended, I'm frozen in place, dithering over whether to keep or cut. Argh!

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Iron Man -  Party

'Equivocal Coalescence' (02/05)

Chapter Notes: First off, some of you may recognize the beginning of this chapter. Last year, I wrote a ficlet, 'Starting Over', that actually takes place between the end of chapter one and the beginning of chapter two. It seemed to make sense to actually make it a part of this story. Second, this section incorporates dialogue from the movie, and I haven't done anything similar since I was writing Forever Knight fic, so I hope this is a successful attempt! And three, thanks for reading!

Chapter Two

San Luis Obispo, California

"Can I come in?"

Methos nodded at his unexpected guest, pulling the door wider, letting Tony Stark into the house. "Charlotte's not here," he began, only to shake his head. "But you know that since she's in L.A. – where you're supposed to be."

"Yeah, I thought we could talk," Tony said as he followed Methos down the hall towards the kitchen.

"Did you now?" He looked at the other man speculatively. "And what exactly do you think we think we should talk about?"

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