January 5th, 2013

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2012 Fic In Review

I'm never sure what I wrote, till I go back and look. No question though, that my biggest accomplishment this year was finishing my revisionist fairytale White As Snow, Red As Blood, a spin on Snow White, featuring Loki, Methos, Duncan, and Clint, amongst others. I was very please with it, once it was all done, and I learned that if you write a story with Loki in it, the readers will come. Popular fellow he is!

Other that that one epic, looking back at AO3, it seems I mostly wrote a series of Avengers related ficlets, starting with Methos and Tony Stark burying the hatchet in Starting Over. I even wrote a little James Bond as a side-dish. The two exceptions were A Friend's Remains, a story written for Highlander's 20th anniversary, and The Memories of Stones and Stars, the last thing I wrote this year, again, a story written for a Highlander event. Both feature a bereft Methos ;) I put the poor guy through the wringer this year! Started out with him being tortured by Loki and it was just downhill from there.

Them's the highlights, Collapse )

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