November 25th, 2012

Holiday - Xmas Shhhh

A Few Things

Been reading some of the articles about Larry Hagman, and you don't see married for sixty years very often, especially in Hollywood. What also stands out is that he, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy really were best friends for 35 years. It wasn't just publicist 'friends'. They were both at his bedside when he died. And last, his son is my age, and he was a few years younger than my father. I'm that age now, where people your parents age are dying. The harsh reality of getting older. Not trying to be morbid, it's just something I've been thinking a lot about.
Media - Minas Tirith

On a lighter note....

I've written 2000 words of my gift exchange fic, which surprises me. And I'm still not done.

Article here on season 4 of Covert Affairs: 'Covert Affairs' season finale postmortem: Creators talk show-changing moment.

Over the last few days, I've rewatched The Lord of the Rings (Extended versions, of course I don't even own the theatrical versions anymore.). I finished Return of the King about 1AM this morning, and, as per usual, I started tearing up just before the eagles rescue Sam and Frodo and cried pretty much non stop till the credits.

ninjababe's birthday is coming up, and she's decided that instead of a thing to open, she'd rather go see The Hobbit in Vegas in a high frame rate theater, which they have down there. We'll spend the night, come back Monday morning and head to work.

Speaking of Nin, I totally got her to write this. It's a Firefly/A Team crossover. She hates me LOL