October 5th, 2012

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'When the Sky Falls' (01/01)

When I said I'd love to read an Avengers/James Bond fic, and I listened to the new Adele song for Skyfall, this idea sauntered into my brain, and I went with it. I've never written James Bond before, so no idea how successful this attempt is. But I can always hope :D

Title: When the Sky Falls
Author: ithildyn
Fandoms: James Bond, Avengers Movie-verse, Highlander
Rating: PG
Warnings/Notes: Complete, het. This takes place at some point after The Avengers, and is set in my Echoes the Sea series Avengers Arc. This story has the concept of Highlander Immortality, but no Highlander characters appear.
Character(s): James Bond, Original Character.
Summary: A chance reunion on the field of battle.


When the Sky Falls

The air was full of ash and dust, the broken building she was crawling out of coated in it, like her lungs. "Consultant," she muttered to herself in between coughs. Consultants weren’t supposed to be in the middle of alien 'incidents' – Collapse )