September 3rd, 2012

Hiddles - Loki Charms

Mission Accomplished

Got my hl_chronicles story done - will post here in a bit.

Last night, we watched the DVDs from the last VividCon, and wow, there were a lot of good ones! We started out the day going for a walk, down into the canyon at the end of our street to Confluence Park. Now, until recently 'park' was a bit of an overstatement. Mostly an overgrown, often washed out, path. But I guess the town got a grant and there have been huge improvements. There are trail head markers now, the trails are actual trails, and they've put in toilets (which aren't open yet) in the soon to come picnic area. We just need to wait for it to get a wee bit cooler before we attempt our next walk.

Today, I promised to make Navajo tacos. I love em, but making the fry bread is a lot of work. Going to use the burner on the gas grill outside this time, for less oily smell in the house.
Methos - Despair & Ecstasy

'A Friend's Remains' (01/01)

This story was written for hl_chronicles, and not a crossover (surprise!), but if you're a reader of my current series, you're aware of who Methos' associates are.

Challenge answered: Timestamp for The Modern Prometheus
Characters/Pairings: Methos, Methos/Byron implied.
Rating: PG
Summary: On the anniversary of Byron's death, Methos visits his final resting place.

A Friend's Remains

The morning star burns brightly in the muted luminance of a promised dawn, his only witness as he sits at the base of the monument. Collapse )