August 20th, 2012

My Fic Icons - Charlotte

Echoes the Sea: The Avengers Arc

Hey all - I thought a cheat sheet/summary of sorts might be helpful for those coming into these current stories with little to no knowledge of Highlander. Can you take a look and let me know if there's anything you think I should add? And if you're one of those readers who isn't all that familiar with Highlander, let me know if I covered everything you may have wondered about.


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Iron Man - Heart Light

Pardon Me Whilst I Look Back

Doing a little rereading after putting together the preceding summary. I think this bit from Tequila Lullaby--which is set just after Afghanistan--really is the heart of the Tony & Charlotte friendship. Also, it always makes me weepy.

"When I sleep, I remember. I can't drink enough to stop remembering."

"So you don't sleep."

"Yeah." He wrapped his arms around her. "So I don't sleep."

"You can sleep tonight, Tony love," she assured him softly. "I won't leave, I promise."

"You love me, right, Birdie?"

"You know I do."

"I mean, you love me for me. Despite me being me."

Laughing, she held him close. "You just realizing that?"

"I've always known, but maybe I didn't really always believe it." He sounded so very tired. Once again, Charlotte was struck by his fragility. He'd spent three months in hell, and he looked it. More than that, he radiated it. "They think I'm crazy, the board, the world. I'm not, Birdie, you know I'm not."

"I know, Tony."

Slumping against her, he whispered, "I should be dead, just like Yinsen, just like Jimmy. How come I'm alive and they aren't?"

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