July 29th, 2012

AS Misc -  Shiny!

Power Viewing

Even after being out all day, we managed to power view our way through the nine hours of Olympics we recorded. It'll be harder to keep up though once all the qualifying stuff is out of the way. We watched a fair bit of swimming, a men's and women's beach volleyball game, the men's gymnastics coverage, and sped through most of the rest. Need to roust Nin from her video game and get her in so we can start on today, or we shall fall woefully behind.
Taste - Taste of Summer

The Class

So, we went up to Cedar for the stage combat class we won, and it turns out it's half combat, half comedy imrpov class. Yipes! All of us were much more enthusiastic about the combat portion. Two actors from the festival did the first part, and we learned how to slap, saloon punch, hair pull, and ear pull. Then we put several things together to do a scene from Les Miserables, with the two actors singing the song that went with it as we did it. Was pretty funny. A great time was had by all! Along with many Slings & Arrows flashbacks!

Next up, the improv portion. The teacher is drama professor at Dixie State down here in St George, and spent his formative acting years on the British stage. He invited us all to feel free to sit in on, and participate in his classes if we'd like to. As those of you who know me can attest, I'm not comfortable with the over the top emotion, so I found the exercises stressful. But then we moved on to the acting portion, where I felt much more comfortable - go figure. We did a party scene where each of us entered a party with a different emotion and the 'host' had to pick up that emotion, then one by one, we all left. I went for it, picking hostility, and surprising the 'host' that the shy girl got all in his face. After it was over, I was in the back of the group while the teacher went over what we'd done, and he singled me out, saying that he thought it was fair to say I was shy LOL. And despite that, I went with it, owned it, and way to go! [beam] So it ended up being a lot of fun! I'd actually do it again.

The whole class was filmed (we all had to deal with dealing with a camera on us!), and a condensed version will be up on the radio station site eventually. I may, or may not, share the link :D

After, they gave us water and a bag of little tarts, and tickets to see Scapin.

It was terrific! We had such a wonderful time. I love going to the theatre, and haven't been for quite a while, so it was an unexpected treat. Best radio station prize I've ever won! We're hoping to go see Mary Stuart before its run ends in August. Have been talking about it all summer, in fact, just haven't actually gotten around to doing it. They just announced the 2013 schedule, and Nin's already picking what plays she wants to see.