June 29th, 2012

Media - Bambi Butterfly

Kids & Dogs

They like me. No idea why. I seem to be the most favourite grownup on the block. I think it may be in part because I'm an exotic novelty: not LDS, not in their Ward, as most of the neighbours are. S, from across the street, and a friend, just about knocked me over on the way in the door, begging me for odd jobs to do so they could earn money. S comes over frequently, and I let her cut roses for her mom - well, I cut them, since I don't want her to cut herself with the shears. I've helped her little brother find rocks for his lemonade stand, and given them money for their Boy Scout troop. So they're currently cleaning the glass on the French doors outside, and S is going to fill my bird fountain and give the chickens scratch when I'm out of town next week. I was trying to think of chores that involved no sharp objects. They're delighted, and apparently, I overpay, judging from the glee when I made them an offer. I'll never get rid of them now LOL