June 22nd, 2012

Japan - Bat

Sick kitty

Gem's taken sick, but thankfully, we got home just before the vet closed and Glenn was able to get her in. Not something we want to let got till Monday. Her momma had to go in two weeks ago, and we need to get her sister, Topaz, in next week for an issue that cropped up yesterday. They're keeping it all in the family, it seems. Though with different illnesses.
John Adams - Friendship

Has to Be Said....

I have the best f'list ever! In all your variety and quirks and eccentricities and pure awesomeness :D, you make me very happy. Thanks for all of you being you, and not, like, anyone else!
Art - Callanish

Back From Brave

It was excellent! Highly recommend it. Unfortunately, about 15 minutes in, one of my crowns came off. Thankfully I didn't swallow it of break it whilst chewing. Too tired to try and glue it back on with the emergency kit I got the last time this happened. I'd probably stick it on backwards. Can't stop yawning, and the air hitting the now stumpy tooth is hurty. Will mess with it in the morning.