April 1st, 2012

My Fic Icons - Ith's Fic


Pillaged from ms_artisan

1. Go to page 7 of your most recent WiP
2. Count seven lines down
3. Copy and paste the next seven lines of text

I'm working on three at once, so three sevens.

From Too Young For Heaven (Magnificent 7):
“Maybe we should brew one of yer fine healin’ teas there, Nathan. Sure it would make ya feel a whole lot better.” There was a bit of an evil gleam in Vin’s eyes.

Ezra chuckled and even Charlotte’s lips twitched at the rather vengeful tone underlying the sharpshooter’s words.

“Don’t need none! And there ain’t nothin’ wrong with my teas!” Nathan said firmly. “Y’all just don’t know what’s good for you.” He tried to get out of the bed again, only to have Vin push him back down one more time.

From White As Snow, Red As Blood(Highlander/Avengers):
"Is he all right?" she demanded, fear curling in the pit of her stomach. She hadn't heard from Methos in days. Had something happened? Jane had told her how Loki had tried to kill his brother, and that he had attempted to destroy an entire planet. Only Thor's intervention, destroying the Bifröst, had prevented it.

"For now," he said softly at her ear.

She pressed back against the table, instinctively reaching behind for the shears she knew were there, her fight or flight instinct choosing fight with no hesitation.

From At The Edge of Heaven (Queen of Swords):
“You are laughing at me.” She looked down at her hands. “Mock me if you will, but I shall continue with their lessons!”

“I am not laughing at you, Isabelle, and I would never mock you.” With a finger under her chin, he tipped her face up to meet his eyes. “It is an admirable thing you do. Just step carefully; there are many who are quite happy with the status quo.”

She sniffed. “I would like to see them try and stop me!” Whirling, she strode from the room.

Sighing, he said softly, “So would I, little sister, so would I.”
Japan - Chicks


Well, technically they're pullets, as their feathers are coming in, but, chicks! We decided to add to our agricultural pursuits and raise chickens for their eggs. We eat a lot of eggs, and free range ones, which I prefer for reasons of health and humane farming practices, are expensive, and getting more so. We have the room, brother is building the coop, and we have lots of left over fruit/veg from the orchard and the garden for them to eat. So yesterday, we went up to Cedar City and got chicks. We're starting with six, and we can add more next year if we need to.

From the front, the bigger one and the one next to her are Gold Sex-links - Cinnamon and Nutmeg. The two black ones are Australorps - Poppy Seed and Pepper, and the remaining two are Rhode Island Reds - Cayenne and Paprika. Yes, they're Spice Girls! They'll be in the brooder for 4-5 weeks, then outside to the coop. They're pretty darn adorable.
Forever Knight - Forever

A Trip Down Memory Lane

If you've ever reminisced about the good old internet days of fandom, or wondered what it was like back then, this set of posts is what you're looking for. For me, it was such a blast from the past since Arduinna and I met on those old lists and IRC way back when. I can't believe all the details she's remembered! I started thinking all over again about what an impact those early relationships meant for my life. The most profound one, of course, being ninjababe. Hard to believe we met on the Forever Knight IRC channel in early 96, and by the end of that year, she was living with me. So many of those I met, and are still connected to, like otterevil, lilliew, tequilajen, and havocthecat. And while I didn't meet her in RL till last year, conjured_1 now lives a mere 1/2 hour from me. Who says the internet makes you antisocial?
Media - Empire


Turns out Norweson has really old masquerade videos on YouTube. I was at this one, though it wasn't my first one. Watching it, I actually find I recall a lot of it.

Norwescon IX: March 20-23, 1986
Red Lion Inn, Sea-Tac
Chair: Robert Suryan
Guest of Honor: Anne McCaffrey
Artist Guest of Honor: Kelly Freas
Fan Guest of Honor: Greg Bennett
Toastmaster: Spider Robinson
Science Guest of Honor: James Oberg
Attendance: (unrecorded but “HUGE”, unofficial estimates at ~3,000)
Vintage - Orange Nude

Stupidist Curse Ever

Yes. I realize I ranted about this ten + years ago, but it deserves a retrospective. We're rewatching Buffy, and we're at the end of S2. Now, I adore the angst and the tragedy, but that being said, the curse is idiotic, and no amount of reveiwing the series has changed my mind. Angel had nothing to do with what Angelus did when the demon took over his body - Liam/Angel was not in residence as it were. So they bring back Liam's soul, moment of happiness, yada yada. YERGH!! It drives me nuts, I must rant. Okay, I feel better. Not really, but you know :)