February 20th, 2012

AS Misc - This Face? MIOBI

You're Kidding Me

Just discovered that song the I like so much, the Thousand Years one I posted about a few weeks back, is from the frikin' Twilight movie. I made the mistake of watching the video on YouTube, otherwise I could have gone on in blissful ignorance LOL Well, I don't care, I'll keep my original thought, that some Immortal is writing pop songs for a living. Or maybe that's what Nick's doing now he's not a homicide detective anymore.
Media - From Hell

Cut It Loose

I finally gave up on Supernatural. I'd been on the fence, keeping on recording it, not quite sure if I was going to stop watching entirely, but spoilers from last week's decided it. So the timer and the 12 eps we hadn't seen got deleted last night. I'd say it was fun while it lasted, but SPN was never really a 'fun' show - but I did enjoy the six seasons that came before. I will, at least, miss the pretty. Fare thee well, Supernatural.