January 25th, 2012

Nature - Bunny


Do you find you are better/more motivated/excited about writing if you have someone or two or three to interact with? I'm coming to discover that when I feel like I'm writing in a vacuum, I just seem to sputter out. I think that's been a lot of my problem lately. My cats aren't really interested in my theories about Loki's daddy issues, or if the Avengers really need to live together in one house mansion as it appears that they do in the comics (really?)(or so I've gathered from fic I've read.). I initially started writing fic in a collaborative environment, and I guess it's stuck. Which is weird considering in RL I'm pretty much a loner. For the most part, I interact on a daily basis (outside of work) only with my family, and the occasional cup of coffee after work with one of my assistants. I see friends a few times a year if I'm lucky, as they all live far away. I need a Harvey, I think. Or a sociable ghost - a Captain Gregg of my very own! Or I do need to start talking to my cats.