January 6th, 2012

Media - Holmes

While I'm Thinking About It

I adore the RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies, and if I hadn't been sicker than a dog the week Game of Shadows came out, I'd have seen it more than the once I have so far! Was wondering if anyone had any fic recs? I don't read a lot of fic anymore, but have had a bit of an urge lately for Holmes fic, and most of what I'm finding is slash. I'm particularly keen to find friendship fic that captures that feeling from the movies. Looking for gen Homes & Watson for the most part, though fic that incorporates Mary and/or Irene would be terrific as well. Any rating.

Avengers - Loki

Tumblr to LJ Divergance

Just sorta noticed that when I'm on Tumblr, I am totally a Tom Hiddleston fangirl. I'm not sure what comes over me actually. It seems easier to squee like a teenager there more than here. Maybe it's a feeling of anonymity? Not sure. But whatever it is, I'm reblogging the pics like crazy over there. I'd make most of you insane if I did that here [g] I guess I try to self-edit/moderate myself on LJ, because it's more structured, but Tumblr sees like the Wild, Wild West of the internet currently. I'm not really sure, still pondering the realization. But it is kind of nice to be a little uninhibited!