November 20th, 2011

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Adventures In Old Norse

I haven't actually started writing it, but the urge to write that long thought about Loki story has been percolating in my brain, so I did some research last night. I need to name something, so was looking for some sort of Old Norse resource, and found an English to Old Norse dictionary (the internet, it is grand!). I came to discover that 'frost' translates to... 'frost'. Hmmm.... so do I use frost or some Norse word that would probably sound more magical LOL
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Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving this year will be a unique experience, our oven - as you may remember - is busted. We got an estimate for the repair, and we're still debating the cost of that versus getting a new stove altogether. So that means the turkeys are going to be cooked in the BBQ, and the counter-top roaster. Due to the cooking options available, we're going to do two small turkeys as opposed to one big one, and I've decided to use the opportunity to try out a non-traditional recipe on one of the birds. Found a recipe in Food & Wine for an apple cider glazed turkey with lager infused gravy that sounded really good. Also, a leek and swiss chard gratin recipe that accompanied it, and an apple cider cream pie to go along with the pumpkin.