November 7th, 2011

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A Little About the honeyhoney Concert

ninjababe and I got out on the road about 3pm on Friday, which normally would have been plenty of time, but we forgot about the hellish road construction between Spanish Fork and Salt Lake. So we arrived a little later than would have liked. We knew the doors opened for the honeyhoney & Joshua James concert at 8pm, and it started at 9, so it was going to be close. The hotel had a shuttle, so we took that, and we arrived at about 9pm sharp. Turned out the concert was sold out, and people actually tried to buy our tickets at the door! We get inside the lobby, and the opening act is going full blast. Now, the State Room is an old movie theater in the quonset hut sorta style, so it's movie type seats in the back half, and open floor space and stage in the other. It's dark, and we think there are no seats left ARGH! Don't really want to stand for an hour+. But we went around the back and up the stairs and looking down, found two seats. We settle in, Nin takes our coats to the coat check as there isn't enough room for them and us, and I get drinks. Finally, honeyhoney comes on stage and begins to play. OMG! They were so good! It was totally worth seeing them live. I love the albums, but live was just a really wonderful experience. I wish I had a recording of the night! I still have the songs in my head. And, they did most of my faves, which was an added bonus. They played for a little over an hour, and then headed to their merchandise table. Nin and I brave the crowd, holding our CD of Billy Jack, their newest, and lo and behold, we ended up meeting the entire band! They were genuinely touched we came all the way from St George to see them, wanted to shake hands, the signed my CD case, chatted for quite a while, despite the fact they were in demand. The guys were wonderful - my velvet paisley blazer was quite the hit - and Suzanne Santo is as lovely in looks as she is in spirit, a really delightful and talented young woman. They all told us we really needed to check out their co-headliner, Joshua James, and that we saw terrific, so we took them at their word, and went back inside. They were right, he was. I didn't think he was 'my sort of music', but he totally drew me in, and his version of 'You Are My Sunshine' actually brought tears to my eyes. We ended up staying till the end. All in all, it was a great night - the staff at the venue was incredibly friendly, the crowd wasn't scary, and we left the theater to find ourselves in a beautiful snow storm. What more could you ask for? And how often does something get me to write long posts like this anyways? [g]
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