November 1st, 2011

Art - If Only

Wake Me Up Next Year

Tweaked my back last night, probably moving stuff around alter closing up Halloween shop. Hurts like the dickens, and I think I'm coming down with a cold. Which is bad, as we have concert tickets for Friday and are supposed to be going up north for said concert. In too much pain to sit at my desk, so going to work at home - thank goodness for laptops! Taking my prescription anti-inflammatories, but boy, they make me sleepy. Adds an extra element of challenge working in bed.
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Must Be Loki

Getting a lot of hits on the Halloween story over at AO3 (no comments, of course) (comments are becoming the DoDo birds of fandom [snerk])and I suppose that's due to Loki. I don't usually get that many hits that fast on a story. Whether that's the case or not, Loki is taking full credit LOL
My Fic Icons - Methos & Jack Chibi

Self Recs Fest: 'One Day' & 'He's a Pirate'

Title: One Day
Author: ithildyn
Pairing & Rating: Methos, Jack Sparrow/OFC. Major character death (on the PotC side), rated for general audiences.
Crossover: Pirates of the Caribbean
Why this must be read: This is an emotional favourite of mine, and it went from image in my mind's eye to paper in one fell swoop. It was supposed to be a one off, but ended up being the beginning of a series. But this first story, I think, is perfect all on its own, and deals with how young Immortals let go of their mortal lives.

Title: He's a Pirate
Author: ithildyn
Pairing & Rating: Methos, Duncan MacLeod, OFC, rated for general audiences.
Why this must be read: Six months later, I wrote this companion piece, set 200 years later. Duncan's winery is the setting for a chance reunion, 200 years later. For once, the mystery woman is from Methos' past, and not Duncan's.