October 29th, 2011

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

More Stupid Tumblr Questions

Now that I'm not posting from my phone, a little more detail.

My first experience with Tumblr was yesterday and this. Which surprised me, as I thought it was a place for images, but this seems like a blog. Then I got an extra dose of confusion when I followed a link to another tumblr account and found fic. So that leads me back to link one (Memos From Fury. Freaking hilarious!) - is the easiest way to follow/keep up with/track a tumblr account to have one of your own? Is there some sort of reading list/following list? Do I need one of these things? Hell, there's probably an app, isn't there? Do I need one more 'thing' to log in to every day?
Holiday - Halloween Fang Pumpkin


Joined Tumblr, watched Thor, written half of the Halloween fic, watching Captain America (again). Still to do, write other half of Halloween fic, watch Merlin.