October 27th, 2011

Holiday - Halloween Flaming Pumpkin

Not Digging It

I got the download version of Cowboy Junkies latest album, and I hate to say it, but I'm not liking it. Which is sad, because I was a huge fan, but the last few albums, they've changed, and it just doesn't even sound like the same group anymore.
QoS - Helm  Who?

On a Roll

Nin works tonight, so I'm hoping to get some more Queen of Swords fic written. The one fly in the ointment might be the urge I've had all day to write a Halloween story - Tony wants an Old West theme, and I spent the morning deciding what costumes Thor, Nick Fury, etc., would wear. I'm easily distracted.
My Fic Icons - Don't Regret Me

Self Recs Fest: 'I Remember You Not Fondly'

Title: I Remember You Not Fondly
Author: ithildyn
Pairing & Rating: Methos/OFC/LaCroix, R for violence and non-con.
Crossover: Forever Knight, set in the Star Trek future, but no Star Trek characters.
Why this must be read: I've been sticking to short stories till now, but this is one of the long ones. For years, I was fascinated with the idea of the Mirror Universe in Star Trek and what the alternates of our Immies would be like, and in 2007, I finally wrote it. This is a story that was very difficult to write, it totally pushed me out of my comfort zone when it came to the subject matter. In the end, I was very proud of the finished product, even if MirrorMethos totally freaked me out. It was also the first time I'd written Kronos - albeit the Mirror Universe version - but I think it works. It's one of those stories I reread and can't quite believe I wrote it.