October 2nd, 2011

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Let it Be Noted

I offered.

ninjababe is a huge X Men fan, in fact, it was how we 'met' - she asked me to beta an XM/Forever Knight fic of hers. At that point, I knew nothing abut XM, but sure, why not? Fast forward to today, we never went to see the latest movie, and I noticed it was on PPV last night, so asked if she's like to watch it, and she said no, not right now, maybe some other day. Even with the added bonus of the guy from HEX being in it. I was even going to watch it without a trade!
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Now, It's Sunday

As I mentioned yesterday, work has gone downhill. Now, it's Sunday, and I'm dreading tomorrow. I promised myself I'd never be in a job again that makes me feel like I'm going to throw up before I get there, yet here I am, heading back to that place. If the economy didn't suck, and if the rest of my family were employed, I'd feel like I had some options, but right now, I need to be working, so I'll suck it up and take one day at a time.