September 17th, 2011

Vintage - Scottish Dancers


I knew they were filming S5 of Transatlantic Sessions, and have been intermittently searching for an air date. Apparently, it's due at the end of September! I absolutely love the show, so much that I get the PAL DVDs since they don't make a NTSC version, just CDs. And for extra happy making, Alison Krauss is one of the guests this season. I've been hoping she'd make an appearance. as Jerry Douglas is one of the creators of the show, along with Aly Bain.
Mag 7 - Ezra Talk to the Hand


I'm finally writing, I'm in the zone, I'm this close to being finished with the very last part of Transformative Variations - and I have to stop. I said I'd make pizza tonight, and it's time consuming. The dough is rising, and as soon as Glenn gets back with the garlic from the store, I'll start on the sauce. I doubt I'll get back to it tonight. Maybe tomorrow.