September 5th, 2011

AS Misc - Not Amused MIOBI

Annoying Things

I hate the new Yahoo mail. In their desire to be like Gmail, they've ruined what I liked about them. For months, they gave you the option of using the old or the new, but a few weeks back, it was new or nothing. I hate that each email you click on opens in a new tab, and that my inbox/folders defaults to the first page instead of the last. So far, I haven't found a way to make it not do that.

My tags on LJ no longer autofill. Not sure if it's the new version of Firefox or the new version of LJ add-on. I was never sure where the autofill originated in the first place. But wherever it came from, I miss it.

My keyboard! The keys don't press in smoothly, they're lopsided. I'm not the best typist at the best of times, but this makes it worse. Usually Logitech makes a great product, but the keyboard keys on their newer keyboards need work.
Japan - Autumn Maples

Three Day Weekend

Saturday, we went to Peach Days in Hurricane for the first time. ninjababe rides the company float, but has had to go back to work after, but this Sat, she was off. It was fun. I think I'm nearly converted into a small town denizen LOL After Glenn and I watched the parade, we met with Nin and walked around, looked at the quilting competition, and the canning, baking, and photography competitions. I may enter my Plum Masala Salsa next year, and maybe the peach, but will see how that comes out first. Then we came home, and took a nap - that lasted till 5! Yipes.

Yesterday, I slept way too late, and by the time I got everything done that needed doing, the day was mostly done. I bbqed up sliders for dinner, and then Nin and I watched the first two DVDs from this year's VividCon (thanks settiai!). There's some awesome vids on the DVDs, and from those, Nin has decided she wants to watch Community, and we've decided we need to give Sherlock another shot (we never can make it past halfway of ep 2), and that if we ever watch Up! we need lots of tissues. I also sent strangevisitor7 a long email outlining the Loki fic I want to write. Now it seems real. As I've pondered/mentally written, I've realized it's become something of a riff on Snow White. Totally unintentionally, and it bemuses me.

Today, it's really overcast, though whether we get any rain remains to be seen. Nin has to work, and I may make peach salsa, if I can work up the energy. Though what I really want to do is write. Maybe another cup of tea and something to eat, and we'll see. Did preorder Captain America and order a wedding gift for assistant T at work, so I've done something.