August 16th, 2011

What's Left - Danger Kitten

Kittie in Hospital

Gambit (he's from the youngest litter, a year old in Sept., one of the orange kitties) is having surgery as I type. I knew he wasn't feeling too good over the weekend, and I thought from some of the symptoms, he might have a UTI. Vet wasn't in yesterday, so he had an appointment for this morning. Last night, we discovered what was wrong: he'd eaten thread. I gave him a bunch of hairball goop, which the vet said was a very good decision on my part. The vet sedated him today and tried to remove it, but wasn't able to, so she's having him taken to the ER vet in St George for surgery. We have no idea how he got into the sewing kit, which was on a top shelf in a closed container, and when he did, why he decided eating thread was a good idea. Of his siblings, he's probably the least likely to get into mischief :( He's such a sweetie - even though he was obviously miserable last night, he was up with me at 3am when I was in pain and trying not to keel over. He just kept purring and rubbing against me till I petted him. I'm worried about the little beggar and hope he's going to be okay.
Art - Shadow Willow

I'll Miss You

I couldn't find any pictures of Gambit by himself - he was always curled up with someone. That's why his nickname was 'Love Shack'. He's sleeping, using his sister as a pillow.

Gambit - September 2010 to August 2011

Thank you for all the good thoughts in my earlier post about him being in surgery. We got the bad news about 1/2 hour after I posted. And since Nin was still at work, I didn't want her to read about it on her phone.

The vet called and said his lower intestine was perforated and that even if he could fix the other parts, he would most likely get peritonitis and would suffer. We decided to let him go, we didn't want him to suffer and be in pain. I had no idea that when we took him to the vet this morning, that by tonight, he'd be gone. He was such a sweet little guy. I love all the kitties, but some really worm their way into your heart, and he was one of those. I'll always remember him trying to comfort me at 3am this morning.