July 3rd, 2011

Nature - Jellyfish

I Can Deal

Just checked the high for today at Brian Head - 73!! Here? 105. Yeah, I like that spread [g] And it's only an hour away, but an hour up the mountain. Will post a picture when we get up there.
My Photos - Bryce

That Was a Nice Day

Home now, and returned to a heck of a storm coming up from Arizona. Have lost power half a dozen times so far. even with the high winds we regularly get, we don't lose power that often. Next week, we're going with my brother to Lake Panguitch (another place we've never been)for the day and to check out this place that he read about in Via magazine. Nin and have a pact to try and be less hermits, get out more and explore the areas around us. We're giving it a shot at least [g]

One more photo from the afternoon.

(yes, that is snow)