July 2nd, 2011

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A Wee Bit Warm

It was 113 in St George this afternoon. And I got to fully experience it. Normally, when it gets this hot, we hang around the house, but when we had the oil changed last week, they said one of our front tires was about to split. So we didn't want to put off getting the front tires replaced - therefore, off to St George we went. Got to the tire place, and they said our back tires weren't too far behind the front ones, so we needed to get all four done. Yay. And we have to get the brakes done next month. After getting that done. we had to go to Walmart, and finally, we're home! Where, currently, at 7pm, it's 104. We're BBQing steaks and baking potatoes in the countertop roaster out on the patio. In the kitchen, jam making continues apace. When the tomatoes and tomatillos are in, later in the summer, I'm going to try my hand at putting up a couple different kinds of salsa, including a peach one, and maybe a chipotle raspberry BBQ sauce I found a recipe for. Tomorrow, we're taking mum to Brian Head for an arts and crafts festival. It's up in the mountains and will be much cooler. I'm kind of surprised the festival is operating on Sunday, since most events in Utah don't do Sunday. But apparently it is, so we'll see.
Holby - Sexy

Then There's the Unexpected

So the only thing on this announcement was not to talk about it on the PWFC list until Sunday, till all the members had a chance to see the video message from Peter, nothing about it being a secret in general, but I'll lock this post anyway.

Peter Wingfield is giving up acting to go back to medical school. Honest to God. As if I could make something like that up! As I said to pat_t: I'm surprised, but okay with it. Only our guy, huh? He hasn't been in a lot lately, and honestly, he's wasted in so much of what he has been in. Maybe this was always his path, just with a little detour. I said to Nin , 'you know that saying? I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV? Hah!'

I hope this new chapter in his life brings him fulfillment and joy.

(will unlock the post tomorrow)