May 8th, 2011

Media - From Hell

Fandom Notes

This just tweeted: Rick_Howland Rick Howland
"And we're back..." Excited to start shooting @lostgirlseries with @Anna_Silk @ZoiePalmer @kccollinsworld @khrkicks! Thanks @showcasedotca!
Yay! I was beginning to wonder if it were coming back!

And for the Thor fans, the Los Angeles Times has been posting video excerpts. DAYS OF THUNDER: We’ve been counting down to the release of “Thor” with a month of on-the-set reports, exclusive photos and interviews with the cast and crew of the first truly cosmic Marvel Studios film. Today: More from our onstage interview with the director and star.

“Thor” director Kenneth Branagh and star Chris Hemsworth came to the free Hero Complex/IMAX screening of the film Wednesday night. We posted some video excerpts Friday and another batch Saturday from the onstage Q&A with our Geoff Boucher. Here’s another snippet.
They've been very interesting to watch.
Methos - Cheers

I Am Perturbed

I opened Word to work on next part of TV, but is that what I'm writing? No! I'm writing bloody Methos meeting Thor! Argh! Dirty pool, guys! Fine, I'll write it, then they better shut up.
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

'The House of Keebler' (01/01)

Because of one line that came to me when I was falling asleep, this resulted. For those that haven't read it, a few months ago, I wrote a fic where Nick Fury offered Methos a job as a doctor with SHIELD, which he accepted. This takes place at some point after that.

So here it is, Methos (and Duncan and Joe) meets Thor.

The House of Keebler

Methos wasn't sure what to make of SHIELD's newest member. Fury'd had that look on his face, the one that clearly said he had a secret and was already amused at the potential outcome, when he'd told Methos he wanted to introduce them. So, suspicious, and not a little bit guarded, Methos had shown up at the saloon at the appointed time, running into Duncan on the way in. Fury and the new guy were already there, new guy having an animated conversation with Dawson, and apparently already on his fourth beer, if the empty mugs on the table were any indication. Collapse )