May 7th, 2011

Japan - Chicks


We went and saw Thor last night, and really enjoyed it. Thor was adorable in an 'awwww!' sort of way, and the whole cast was very engaging. I especially thought Loki was very well done. There were a few giggles from me and Nin when there were mentions of wormholes, Asgard, and Thor all at the same time - Nin wondered what it would be like if Thor from SG1 and Thor from the movie met. Of course, the ride home was spent brainstorming on how this gets incorporated into fic. Now that I have Methos working as a doctor for SHIELD, I can't help but wonder at what happens when Thor's thrown into the mix.
My Fic Icons - Chibi Tony & Ezra

Tony Stark In the Old West

Some of you may remember I wrote a teensy bit of Tony in the OW a few years back -- it was called Beyond the Pale. Well, it never got past a snippet, and then, a few months ago, strangevisitor7 had an idea for the same sort of fic, and since she had the potential to, you know, actually finish it, I ditched mine. She's started posting, so you can go read Left Turn At Albuquerque here. It's a terrific story, and I can't wait till it's finished, because the scenes I've been waiting for are just around the corner. Of course, now I've had to do a little bit of retconning of the stories set modern day, and come to find that a lot of it works with this new past, just takes on a different meaning. Like Ezra trying to set Tony and Charlotte up - the why is different, but it still happens. It's also reshaped Transformative Variations a bit, since I had to avoid Ezra POV scenes in case he might think spoilerish thoughts! Now, he's free to remember again [g] I've been dropping little hints through the last few chapters, so hopefully, I was subtle enough.
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


So was pretty much asleep, thoughts of Thor and fic and Methos swirling around, and appears from the swirl, Thor's reaction to Methos and Immortals on Midgard.... "Why, you're elves, of course!" Argh!!!! Methos does not want to be an Elf, and Tony is leaving Keebler cookies in Methos' office at SHIELD. So far, Duncan has no opinion, and Joe thinks it's hilarious.

Oh, and I think Tony has a thing for Sif. In fact, I think he has a thing for women with swords - he just doesn't know it yet.