April 9th, 2011

Art - Ring of Brodgar  Orkney

Camelot Ep 3

We watched the newest episode of Camelot last night and we are still enjoying it. Though what does it say about me that in Merlin, the most interesting character is Morgana, and that in Camelot, Morgan is by far the most compelling? Hmmm.... The various Arthurs and Merlins need to up their game, obviously [g]
Art - Ring of Brodgar  Orkney

New Camelot Comm

I've created a community for Camelot and related King Arthur discussion, fic, art.

On LJ: isleofglass

On Dreamwidth: [community profile] ynis_witrin

Two different names, but the same LOL. I checked to make sure Ynis Witrin was available on LJ, and it was, but when I hit the create button, it turned out it was a deleted/purged name and you had to pay the $15 rename fee. So I used the English 'Isle of Glass' instead. I'd already created the one on Dreamwidth though [shrug] Many many years ago, the first job I had that had a computer, my password was Ynis Witrin.

The LJ comm has a boring default theme. Was surprised that LJ still only has the same old themes available. If anyone knows of a resource for LJ themes, could you point me there? Thanks. The DW one is a standard one, but I think it's quite pretty and goes with the comm.
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I just got an email from Amazon that the newest Clare Fergusson and Russ Van Alstyne Mystery was just shipped! I'd preordered it so long ago, I'd forgotten about it. I adore this series!! Love the characters, and it's one of my favourite series, even though I'm not much of a mystery reader.