April 7th, 2011

PotC - Jack: Horizon

The Strangest Places

Over the last month, I've written a series of interconnected ficlets, and I think I'm done with them at this point (subject to change without notice!)

They are set in 1761, aboard The Black Pearl, and the serial overall is titled The Strangest Places. Chronologically, these encompass the very beginning of the Echoes the Sea series.

The Strangest Places Serial
The Strangest Places ~ Jack Sparrow, Charlotte
Do No Harm ~ Methos, Charlotte
Hand of Fate ~ Methos + Jack sparrow
Unexpected ~ Jack Sparrow, Charlotte, with a hint of Jack/Charlotte
Over the Horizon ~ Methos, Charlotte
My Fic Icons - Chibi Tony & Ezra

Best Intentions

I'd really planned to start on the next part of Transformative Variations tonight, since I have Tony and Ezra talking up a storm and I want to get this scene down, but I'm so damned tired. Not sure I'll even stay awake till Nin gets home from work. Hopefully the guys will forgive me.