March 20th, 2011

Holby - Smoke

Over Too Soon

Can't believe the weekend's over already, or nearly so. Got a lot done, even if none of it was cleaning [looks at floor and decides it'll keep for a few more days]. Yesterday, I made Navajo Tacos, and since we didn't have any tinned pinto beans, I did them from scratch, deciding to cook up two pounds worth so I could use the remainder to make refried beans - which I just finished and have put away three containers in the freezer for later eating. Then made fry bread for the tacos, and darn, it was good! Also wrote and posted a story, did my bills. In between, Nin and I have been rewatching season one of SG1. It's been long enough since we last watched, that I can't always remember the details, so makes it nearly like new - sorta [g]

Amazing Race and Army Wives tonight! Yippee!