March 19th, 2011

Methos - Sin

Taco Writing

In between making Navajo Tacos, I'm writing - surprised me too. It's a companion piece to The Strangest Places, though this time, it's Methos and Charlotte's first meeting. Seems like instead of one big story, this is going to be a set of interrelated ficlets. Though I still think the story of Charlotte challenging Jack to a duel will be a story told to Tony after he finds out about Immortals.
My Fic Icons - Methos & Jack Chibi

'Do No Harm' (01/01)

Rating: PG
Notes: Complete, a companion piece to The Strangest Places.
Character(s): Methos, Charlotte Sparrow (though she isn't 'Sparrow' at this point)
Summary: Fate will find you wherever you may be - even on a pirate ship in the Caribbean.


Do No Harm

1761 ~ The Black Pearl, somewhere in the Caribbean

"Jack tells me that you are in pain." Methos waved away her denial. "Do not bother, m'lady, you can not lie to your physician," he said as he placed a hand on her forehead. "The fever has not left you." Tilting her head up, he looked into her eyes; she was definitely more aware than she had been. A good sign to be sure, though, she had yet to speak. Collapse )


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Do No Harm
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