March 12th, 2011

Japan - Secrets

Fic Stuff

I'm still looking for inspiration here, and I wrote new fic here.

Also pondering the idea of having a fic only journal on Dreamwidth since there seems to be fewer and fewer people on LJ as far as fandom's concerned. I'm not sure where everyone's gone, but I suppose it could be Dreamwidth and I'm thinking it might be worth a shot posting fic there on its own journal since my current journal there is just a backup copy of this one. Thoughts? Or ideas where fic based fandom has moved to? I know lots of people only do Facebook these days, and while I'm not on Facebook, it doesn't seem like it's a place to post fic. Or do people post fic elsewhere and announce it there? It's really beginning to feel like when everyone disappeared from the email lists and moved here - except it took nearly a year for me to realize this was where everyone went. Trying to get ahead of the curve this time!
PotC - Jack: Legend

'Price of Freedom' Excerpts

As I mentioned last week, A.C. Crispin has an official PotC prequel coming out, and on her website, she's posted some excerpts. I finally had a chance to read the excerpts, and my reaction? Want book now! [g] Her Jack really rings true, and goodness knows, he is not an easy character to write. My few attempts over the years have had a tendency to make my brain hurt. But the Jack I read in the excerpts, I could 'hear' in my head. Yay! What I read sucked me right in and left me with the burning desire to turn pages that weren't there.

The novel isn't up for preorder yet on Amazon, but they do have an 'email me when there's info' option, so I'll have to settle on that for now.

I don't just have the new movie to look forward to now, but the book as well. Is it May yet?