March 9th, 2011

PotC - Jack: Horizon

Pirates Prequel Novel

A.C. Crispin is writing an official prequel to Pirates of the Caribbean, 'The Price of Freedom', and it will be released in May. Apparently, the novel is considered canon (at least right now [g]. I guess we'll see how it collides with my own thoughts on pre PotC Jack. At least it will be a good book, regardless if it jibes! (She wrote Sarek, one of my favourite Star Trek novels)

You can read excerpts from the novel here.
Quote - Shall Not Pass!


So help me out, fic of mine readers (or FOMR for short [g]) My brain has been leaping all over the place, mentally writing snippets from all over the Aces Immortal/Echoes the Sea series, both my stories and Casey's. Problem is, I can't seem to get my muse to just settle - instead, I'm feeling all scattered. So here's where you come in: is there some incident/event referenced in our stories that you'd like expanded upon, even if it's just a ficlet? (Other than Bali or Ezra's second death by bull. Some things are best left to the imagination!) Maybe some direction will help me actually get writing again. I've just been feeling kinda bleah, and I think accomplishing something creatively might perk me up.
Japan - Peach Blossoms

Signs of Spring

The apricot trees and the plum tree are in bloom and there's so many bees, that walking outside seems like you're standing in the middle of a beehive! All the roses have new leaves, and the aspen and maple are covered in what will be leaves very soon. The frogs and lizards should come out of hibernation soon, and the rest of the fruit trees should be in bloom within the week.
My Fic Icons - Charlotte & Jack

'The Strangest Places' (01/01)

I've never actually written that first encounter between Jack and Charlotte, so figured it was about time. Actually, it's the second meeting, in a manner of speaking. But you'll see.


Rating: PG
Notes: Complete, and now I think about it, the first story timeline wise in the series. Yeah, I write backwards. I'd never done more than refer to the first time Jack met Charlotte, and it just seemed time.
Character(s): Jack Sparrow, Charlotte Sparrow (though she isn't 'Sparrow' at this point)
Summary: Fate will find you wherever you may be - even on a pirate ship in the Caribbean.

The Strangest Places

1761 ~ Somewhere in the Caribbean

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The Strangest Places Serial
The Strangest Places
Do No Harm
Hand of Fate