February 6th, 2011

Iron Man - Tony Tux

Thinking Like Tony

I posted another part of Transformative Variations last week. What was different about this last part was that this was the first time I'd ever written from Tony's POV in this series. Deciding to do hat was what finally unstuck the part and finally got it written! Amazing how something so simple ends up being the answer! And with that, I'm almost up to the part of the story I wrote two years ago. Finally. Then up to the movie, so need to watch IM II again. Trying to set the story during the movie should be a challenge. I've done it twice before with a Highlander, and a Forever Knight episode, but this will be my first shot at trying it with a movie. I have a few bits written as placeholders, and have verbally described a scene to Nin that involves the party in Monte Carlo and some interaction between Justin Hammer and Charlotte. Now she knows about it, she won't let me forget it [g]
PotC - Jack: Legend

Worth It Or Not?

So I just heard that a new trailer for On Stranger Tides is supposed to air during the Super Bowl. It's not enough to make me want to watch it, but I'm actually considering recording it so I can fast forward to the trailer after I discover when it aired. No, I'm not obsessed, not at all. I know it'll show up on Youtube, but I'd like to see it in full size HD glory [g]
John Adams - Friendship


Since strangevisitor7 told me she'd tell me when the PotC trailer airs, I shall indeed record the football game. So I've cleaned, done two loads of laundry, now on to the next thing - whatever that is. Nin had expressed an interest in doing some sort of movie marathon, but she DLed a new video game yesterday, so I thin she's lost to me. Writing may be a possibility. Or maybe a nap.