January 1st, 2011

Nature - Frosted Holly

Happy New Year!

Nin barely made it to midnight, so I have been deserted. I feel like partying, but only have kittens. Waiting fro stock I'm cooking down to be ready - and it froze the window! I had the kitchen window opened a bit since it was stuffy, and when I went to close it, we couldn't get it to budge! The condensation from the stock, and eggs hard boiling had frozen in the tracks. I had to get a blow dryer out to unstick it. Definitely a first.
Nature - Frost Berries

One Good Thing

The current cold weather has been very useful for cold storage! We never have enough room in the fridge/freezer over the holidays, so the front porch makes for a nice storage spot. I made turkey stock last night, that was done just before I went to bed around 1am. But no room in the fridge for the humongous pot, so I put it on the porch. Now, it's been strained and put into ice cube trays, covered in press and seal, and freezing nicely on the patio table.