December 31st, 2010

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The Great Unsing Fic & Vid Party 2010 Edition

Happy New Year! We've come around once more to that time of the year where I hold the Great Unsung Fic & Vid party. Every year, lovely gems are discovered in the comments, and I'm sure this year will be no exception. Please feel free to advertise this where you will! The more, the merrier.

There are the fic and vids that get tons of comments and recced and nominated for awards... and then there's the rest.

Here's the plan: if you wrote or created something in 2010 that you were really proud of, but you're pretty sure that no one other than maybe your mother read or viewed, then rec it in the comments. Tell us a bit about it, and include a link, of course. And if you enjoyed something this year by someone else that you thought didn't get nearly enough love, then you can rec that too. And it doesn't have to be confined to LJ postings. (If you aren't positive the story or vid you want to rec was created in 2010, that's fine. It's not like I have minions that are going to go check!). Or you can rec your own stuff and someone else's! And more than once too! I'm easy.

I figure it will provide some entertainment for those of us who aren't going out for the holiday, and spread some New Year love around for some of the lonely creative endeavors out there.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, so don't be shy!

And hey, even if you did get love, there's nothing wrong with being an attention junkie, so pass on whatever you'd like even more love for. We promise not to tease you.
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Had two very vivid Iron Man dreams this morning, and after pruning out the weird dream type stuff, I think I'm left with what could possibly be fic ideas! Love it when that happens.

I'm off today, Nin works, but she's off the weekend. New Year's Eve will consist of a variety of appetizer type stuff, plum pudding, and the crackers I bought for Xmas, but never go around to popping. I do miss the Hogmanay Scottish Country Dance party I always went to in Monterey when I was dancing. It was such fun. These days though, it's sitting home eating and watching movies/watching the ball drop on TV. But Nin and I have hopes that one year, we'll be in Scotland for Hogmanay! It's a dream of mine to do it one day. Tomorrow, nin asked for a Southern New Year's Day dinner, so we're doing ham, black-eyed peas(which is a first for me!), spinach, and cheese grits. New Year's Day isn't much of a holiday in Utah, it seems. They'd planned Nin's work Xmas party (they could never get it arranged prior) for tomorrow, and they thought it was odd when she said she couldn't come because it was a holiday with a special meal. Apparently, they're going to reschedule. Reminds me, need to set a timer for the Rose Parade!
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2010 Fic Recap

My greatest accomplishment was finally finishing I Am Going To the West. And not only did I finish it, but I was very pleased with the story overall. I think I did good [g]

In January, I wrote a ficlet called The Pattern, wherein our Immies celebrate the coming of rain.

March brought Treasure, another ficlet, this time featuring Captain Jack Sparrow. I also wrote Paving the Road To Hell to try and explain why Charlotte never told Methos about Tony.

April brought Nick Fury into my life, and he got his own story, Do You Remember?. I really liked this one.

In June, I finally started the sequel to Practical Applications, Transformative Variations. I'm six parts into this one, and my goal is to get it finished in 2011. Seeing Iron Man II of course changed some of what I had envisioned, but it's all good.

October is the season for Halloween fic, and I wrote Threads - Methos and costumes!

December brought me dipping my toes into Lost Girl fic, and I wrote an untitled snippet featuring Methos and Trick. I'm hoping to expand upon it in 2011. And last up (unless I writing something today!) was my Xmas fic, String of Pearls, with Nick Fury once again making an appearance (think Pirate Santa!).

Overall, the majority of what I wrote was finishing West, and starting Transformative Variations. I can't seem to write a mid-length story. It's all ficlets and epics.

Thank you to everyone who read and left me a comment. It means so much, and I appreciate you, each and everyone.
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Curing the Molcajete

So I got one of these for Xmas from Casey:

It's very awesome! I've wanted one for a long time, but never got around to getting one. I did some research on it, and turns out you're supposed to cure it before you use it, so I just made a pasted of onion, garlic, and canola oil, and put it in to the oven to bake on for 1/2 hour. Then I need to grind down corn or rice to make sure any loose bits of grit are taken off.