November 21st, 2010

Japan - Winter


Since typing with my current finger arrangement is awkward, instead of replying to all comments, just wanted to thank everyone here in one post. Don't worry, am keeping an eye on things, and if I have any sign of infection will go to the doctor. Right now, I have mummy fingers - Nin wrapped each one in gauze pads, then wrapped the two fingers together with more gauze. Not really any pain today, so that's a good thing.

In other news, first real winter storm has descended. Very windy and rainy with snow on the higher mountains around us.
Media - Keira: Smoke

Unexpected Cosmo Is Unexpected

My brother just handed me a Cosmopolitan. Works for me.

Had to take the dressings off my fingers after they got wet due to kitten in toilet mark VI. So now just have bandaids on and they aren't gauzed together, and I keep trying to type with them. when Nin gets home from work, I'll have her redo them.

Now he brings me a grilled cheese sandwich. This wounded thing has advantages LOL