October 23rd, 2010

Holby - Look

Didn't Realize

I have my new computer, and have been moving files over from my old HD, along the way opening older stuff to see if it still works. So I opened my PW Shows file and am switching how the files open from Quicktime to VLC and randomly click on Peter's ep of Cold Feet. It starts playing, and there's Anthony Starke! I didn't remember that he'd been in the series. For a sec, I thought I'd misfiled the file [g] So Methos and Ezra have met! LOL
Art - If Only

Six Steps Forward....

Just when you think things are looking up, more crap happens. My brother got laid off from his job this week, and mum's hours were cut back - they work at the same place. Still not sure how finances are going to fall out.
My Photos - Bryce


We haven't got iTunes set up yet on the new computer, so I decided to check out the Sirius stations we get on DishNetwork. Turns out one of them is BBC Radio 1 - which I'm currently listening to. I know I've said this before, but I wish Dish would carry stations from the UK. They carry a la carte stations from Japan, China, the Middle East, but no English language channels. I would pay for BBC, or channels from Canada or Australia if they were offered.
QoS - Montoya Violin


I have had the urge to revisit Queen of Swords, and my long neglected WIP after all this time. Unfortunately, a few idiots on ff.net really ruined the joy I had in writing that particular series, and about the same time, I became besotted with M7. So I just stopped writing it. But it's been on my mind lately. Why do I insist on writing in long dead fandoms? Worse, small, long dead fandoms? There are times I wish I could throw myself into a new fandom, but I fail at that for the most part. Maybe they just don't make TV shows like they used to.