September 5th, 2010

Mag 7 - Ezra ATF

What Would You Rec?

Because I'm bored and curious and stuff [g]

What TV show - currently on the air - would you suggest I watch and why? Obviously, I may already be watching it and just don't talk about it, but maybe your suggestion will be what I need to push me over the edge! The edge of deciding to watch it as opposed to over the edge of sanity. Well, one hopes.
PotC - Jack: Legend

This Isn't Workiing Out

Thought I'd put a movie on in the background and get some writing done. I picked Curse of the Black Pearl since I've seen it so many times, I could act out all the parts, and figured I wouldn't have to actually watch it. Piffle! I can't stop myself from actually watching it. So little to no writing is happening. And now we're up to one of favourite parts!

People are easier to search when they're dead. (love the music to this part)