September 4th, 2010

What's Left - Danger Kitten

Meet Horatio

Pics of my babies always cheer me up.

This is Horatio (and Mr. Goosey), and yes, I did name him after Horatio Cane. Started as a joke, because he's a redhead, and I had a vision of him wearing little sunglasses. Glenn hated it, but it stuck, though Glenn calls him Mr. H or Rusty H instead [g]

Horatio is one of the third litter that we had to trap when mama started bringing them up for food. Iona, or my lil niblet, was the first one we caught, and she's by far the most socialized. The other two girls are coming around, and are currently living in my bedroom, and though they won't let me pet them, they do come and sniff my fingers and peer at me over the edge of the bed. H looks just like his mama, but the girls are Bengals like their daddy. And Kallie (hey, that wasn't on purpose! She's like a kaleidoscope of colour and I shortened to to Kallie) is the most bizarrely colored cat I've ever seen. she has the bengal/tabby markings, mostly gray with some brown, and her tail looks like it was ringed in white paint, then she has a brilliant orange splotch on her side, and the same colour stripe across half her chest.