August 29th, 2010

Mag 7 - Ezra Modern Day

Complicating It Up

Haven't had a chance to write this week with all that's been going on, but of course, there's much mental plotting going on. The annoying thing is that I've had the next section of Transformative Variations pretty much nailed down for the last two odd years, but chatty characters are chatty, and the next thing i know, it's on its ear and what I've come up with now, though essentially the same things happen, is going to be a lot harder to write. It's definitely more show and less tell this way, which is a good thing. But it also means writing interconnected scenes that cut into each other, so I need to keep track of passage of time. So if scene one is Charlotte at Stark Industries mid morning, the next scene is around the same time, but back in SLO at the saloon with Methos and Joe where something happens that connects with what will be in the next scene at SI. And Ezra now needs to be in New York, or someplace where he's far enough away he can't actually help. Then he needs to come back since he's supposed to be doing the photo shoot on the new SI division. Gah! I should just stick with the original version, but if I can pull this off satisfactorily, I think it will be much better. Maybe I need a small outline to plot time and what needs to happen before the next scene starts.
Media - Yuma Gun

That's It?!

We finally finished Deadwood, but we dind't know we were finishing it, and now I need to wrap my brain around it. Here's the deal: there was a disc 6 left, plus one with bonus features, so we watch disc 5 with the belief there's a few more episodes before the end. Except, there wasn't. Put in disc 6 and it's bonus stuff as well. So now we realize we just saw the end, not knowing it was. Does that make any sense at all? Must ponder now. Not sure I'm liking how it all ended at this point.
Media - RDJ Yeah

Weird Disconnect

I always think I watch too much TV, but then I'm watching the Emmy's, and I have no klew who these people or these shows are. The opening number for example [shrugs] Didn't get the pink stuff, or the woman in the track suit. Did know who Tim Gunn was. So that was one thing. And then...Collapse )