August 15th, 2010

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Fives for Sunday

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mhalachaiswords (who I've missed!) asked for... top five fave characters to write.

Tony Stark
Colonel Montoya

And ficwize asked.... Top favorite foods, Top favorite ways to spend a lazy Sunday, Top favorite fics not by you. The fic one is going to be hard, because until recently, I wasn't much for keeping track of what I read. So I'll do the first two and come back to that one a bit later.

Food: raspberries, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding (which counts as one, cus they can't be separated!), cheese, fresh baked sourdough baguette, sour cream scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream.

Sunday: this [g], eating the scones, listening to music and writing, sitting on the bench swing in the orchard and watching the sunset, rewatching a favourite movie.
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Fives for Sunday, Mark II

Okay, top favorite fics not by you. I really am not good at remembering fic/titles/authours, and a lot of fic I remember really liking was back in the old listserve days, and I have no copies, so this is a list of stuff I like that I have enough info to actually post!

1] Ecolea's 'Changing the Guard' series, which is a Highlander/Stargate crossover.
2] dejla's 'A Kindness of Ravens', Highlander.
3] mhalachaiswords's 'Physics of the Spin, Atlantis/Gilmore Girls, and even though it's a WIP, I'm picking it [g]
4] strangevisitor7's 'Ghost Town', M7/SPN, a sentimental favourite since it was my very first exposure to M7, back when I thought Ron Perlman played Ezra LOL. And it's a great story to boot.
5] 'Wine of Wrath' by amonitrate, Highlander, though it's a tossup with her Iron Man story, 'The Priming Game'.