June 20th, 2010

AS Misc -  Shiny!

This Might Be It

At the Giveaway of the Day site, they have Win HD Video Converter Deluxe and it seems to work! I've been looking and looking for something to replace Nero as it's a huge hog of a program full of a ton o crap I'll never use. But most conversion programs either don't convert to MP4, or if they do, don't allow you to compress the file size. I just made a test file, and it seems to work like a charm. So check it out if you've been looking for a file converter.

And, new Leverage tonight!!
Mag 7 - Ezra Shadow


We caught another kitten last night, and she's a lot more wild than the one we got last week. I had petted her earlier with no problem, but when I tried again later, she bit me. Hurts like blazes. I've doused the wounds several times with hydrogen peroxide and now have neosporyn on them with a band-aid. This kitten is going to take work. and unfortunately, enough time has passed that the two don't seem to remember they're litter mates and all furball does is growl at her. I was really hoping that having each other would make it less scary for the new one.
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At the movies

We saw Toy Story 3 today. GO!!! It is so good! But bring tissues -- seriously.

Which reminds me, trailers! Have seen the trailer for The Last Airbender sooooo many times now. I know not a thing about it, other than the trailer and that it also had Avatar in its title. So when we were in Vegas, and went to see Iron Man, I was watching the trailer - again - and the arrow thing on the kid's head, pointing toward his nose, was cracking me up. I leaned over and whispered in Nin's ear 'Press here for service'. She had hysterics. Now she says she can't go see the movie with a straight face.