June 12th, 2010

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We just got back from seeing the A-Team. Liked it a lot, highly recommend it. Lots of laughter, cheers and applause from the audience we were with, so I think it's a safe bet they all enjoyed it as well! Oh, and stay till after the credits [g]
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I had a really horrible week at work, and coupled with the grating irritation of having to deal with my father at home, plus just feeling generally like I suck at life, we decided to eat out last night after I got my hair cut. We probably shouldn't have gone out, but some days, you just need a break. After dinner, we still had some time to kill before our 9:10 movie, so we went to our 'mallette' and looked around. Nin got me an Iron Man keychain and a couple of cute buttons at Hot Topic - one says I'm not antisocial, I just hate you - and we looked around Dillard's, where I showed extreme restraint and didn't buy the burnt orange purse by Fossil that was 50% off. I really wanted it. Still do. Then we wandered around Borders, and we didn't buy anything! Go us! So I managed to be out of the house 17 hours! It made me feel like I'd had a break. And my haircut reflects my mood - I went really short again. I have mood hair. So today is back to reality. Need to clean, do bills, figure out what to make for dinner, all that fun stuff. I have this feeling that if I could find some sort of outlet, gee, like writing, I'd feel less, I don't know, trapped? Stuck? Useless? Meh. I have no idea. Other than running off to the South Pacific and living in a tree. Or a boat. Maybe a boat.
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30 Days of TV: Day Two

Since I'm far too lazy to link back to all the posts, I made a tag! So click the 30 Days tag for prior entries.

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching: Friday Night Lights

How I love this show! And it's yet another show I started watching due to Grey's Anatomy (the first one was SPN) The episode with Pink Mist Guy, who turned out to be Kyle Chandler, the star of FNL. I liked him enough that I decided to give FNL a look, even though I thought the show was just about football and teenagers. I really am not overly fond of teen shows. Boy, was I wrong! This is one of the best 'little' shows on TV. Set in a small town in TX, the show is actually filmed outside Austin, so it has a sense or 'real' to it you just don't get in a Hollywood posing as another place filmed show. I love the characters - even the teens! - the relationships, the real love these actors obviously have for their characters and their show. Sadly, it's most likely the next season will be the last. It was canceled once, but DirectTV made a deal with NBC - shorter season, they put up money, and it only airs on their satellite network. After it airs there, it is shown on NBC. They have already filmed the upcoming season, and the current one just started its network run. But despite its critical acclaim, and devoted fanbase, just not enough people watch. I'm going to be very sad when I can no longer visit Dillon, Texas every week.
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Doctor Who

I am loving this season!! I usually am so far behind, I never get to read other peoples' posts on the show, so as to avoid spoilers, so I don't talk about the show since it's all past for everyone else, but...Collapse )

Did I mention I'm really enjoying this Doctor? The show makes me happy like I remember feeling when I first started watching DW back in the early eighties.

Now to catch up on the six eps of Merlin we have yet to watch.