May 20th, 2010

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RL Update

I'm too pooped for the long version, but the short version is mum was taken by ambulance to hospital late yesterday afternoon. They kept her there to run tests to rule out a heart attack, and at this point, it appears they don't know what exactly is wrong. If she passes the tests, she'll come home this morning, if not, she'll be admitted.
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More Updatage

She's home, they ruled out a heart attack, but they don't know what actually is wrong, so she has to go back to her doctor tomorrow so he can run more tests. I made her a poached egg and now she's sleeping. Mum's 75, and I know I need to get used to this, but I'm not doing so well in that department. When the red light and warning noises kept going off on the monitor thingie last night in the ER it was pretty scary.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Very much appreciated.