April 15th, 2010

Iron Man -  Forge


I have lots to say, but no energy to type it out. Though I will say I hate it when you have an insect under your shirt, on your back, trying to bite you. And even when it's gone, you feel like bugs are crawling all over you. Ugh. Let's see, what else? IM II is fast approaching! I can't wait! Am way behind on TV, and other than wrting stupid ficlets with Nick Fury, I have had no desire to write. Which sucks. I blame my job for sucking the creativity out of me. Speaking of fic, i see the subject of Mary Sue once again runs rampant across the internetz. I have nothing to add to what you already know I think about the subject, but I will say it's very heartening to have found so many more women that are fed up and aren't going to stand for it anymore. Amen! Kitten Batch One is growing up fast, and they've started eating hard food. They are four weeks old now. Everything else will have to wait for another post - or not.
Art - Heat: Red Shoes & Martini

Le Sigh

Returning the most gorgeous shoes ever -- believe me, the pic I posted didn't do them justice. The patent was a deep ruby red with a subtle glitter. But the 6 1/2, my usual size, was too snug around the toes, and the 7 just didn't seem to fit quite right. Plus, I now live in a climate where 2/3s of the year, I'm in sandals and flip flops, and I need a pair of summer sandals for everyday work. So, I'll just have to make do with shoes I already own, which aren't quite 'right', but it's for a few hours, and no one will notice but me.